Managedby needs

I need to get who the AD group is managed by, then I need to automate an email to that user or group with the member names of the AD group with general text like 'Please review" so they can review the AD group to ensure everyone in it is supposed to be in it.

I have a script that gets the managedby who,

get-adgroup -filter * -properties Name, Description, Managedby | Select Name, Description, Managedby | export-csv c:\temp\managedby-groups-$(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).csv

please help and thanks

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Have you tried to search for it? There are literally thousand of examples for tasks like this even here on this forum or on the PowershellGallery for example.

You would need to get the email of the “managedby” account and a loop and the cmdlet Send-Mailmessage.