Manage IIS remotely from PowerShell

by Ashis at 2013-04-08 00:29:10

Hi Experts,

I need to Manage the IIS which is hosted in another System using PowerShell.
I have connected the remote system by following the below link.
But unable to access the IIS components and Create any thing IIS from my remote system.

Can anybody will show me a proper path to do this?

Thank You
by happysysadm at 2013-04-08 06:43:15
Hi Ashis,

did you import the module for IIS administation?

[code2=powershell]Import-Module WebAdministration[/code2]
It contains the cmdlets for creating and managing websites. It also adds a IIS: drive.

To know which command it offers run:

[code2=powershell]Get-Command -module WebAdministration[/code2]
Hope this helps
by JasonHelmick at 2013-04-08 12:40:12
Hi Ashis!

Since I’m the guy that wrote the blog, let me see if I can help. That blog is how to setup the remote management for the graphical IIS Manager. Once complete, you open the IIS Manager on your computer and from the start page select “Connect to server…” This will make a new navigation node in the IIS Manager so you can graphically manage the remote server.

Carlo is correct if you want to use PowerShell cmdlets to manage the server … so…

PS C:&gt; Enter-PSSsesion -ComputerName <Remote computer>
[<remotecomputer>]PS> Import-Module WebAdministration
[<remotecomputer>]PS> <what ever cmdlets you want to use>

Hope this helps!