Manage (+,-,=)csv with pwsh

recently i having trouble workong with csv ,it is hard to maintain ,using add-content is not elegant and hard to maintain ,.when i working to study it, i found a easy way to solve this problem

instead of the regular csv file i write a new format of hashtable
first we have a default csv file

The new format will be
member is the value default csv file’s member,and the value will be the hashtable of the default csv file object.i call this hashtable the ‘attribute-object’. i store the member into the hashtable so could use the add ,remove ,and ’=‘ which could easily manage in the powershell

i also has a new git-hub project to keep studying this kind of new format
feel free to come by and attribute

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hello.i am a big fan of the powershell and learn since 2022. so i do understand the import-csv and export-csv but i consider the powershell dosen’t have the easy way to +,-,= the csv in powershell directly so i turn the object in the csv into hashtable ,so i could easily manage them with

I don’t know what that means. Do you have an example?

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