Making a formatted Excel sheet from an output of Get-Childitem


I thought making a list of my CD Albums stored as files in forlder i could display foldernames for Artists and then make an Excel sheet that holds the foldernames in ONE row so i could simply get the output from Get-ChildItem, although export-xml did not format this… Anyone know how to do this? And if we are going to be really advanced, get the childs of theese folders and grab hold of the album names at the second column, that would be cool! :smiley:

You probably want to utilize either Export-CSV or the PSGallery module ‘Import-Excel’ ( and it’s cmdlet ‘Export-Excel’ if you’re looking for something spreadsheet based as your end-goal.


Get-ChildItem | Export-Csv -Path c:\album_foldernames.csv -NoTypeInformation

I use this



[quote quote=136508]I use this

Thanks! This looks nice. I am watching the YouTube videos to get me started!