m3u file reading script question

I am new to powershell and am still learning all the commands available and how they work. My major problem is that I am not an admin for any large network I am just a single computer user trying to write scripts for myself and some friends who do quite a bit of work with music files and need to be able to copy groups of files from one drive to another by selecting them from a playlist in m3u format. I have a working script that does it from the command line but it’s klunky and I know it will intimidate my less techie friends. So I am trying to add a GUI using powershell studio but I just bought the program and am still learnign how to use that also. So far I havbe a firm built that gets the playlist folder from the user and then let’s them sekect a single file from the playlist folder. Then it reads the file and extracts the song titles from that m3u file and copies the files to a destination directory also chosen by the user. At least that is the plan. But I am unsure about converting my script into the form I have built. What do I need to send out in this question in order to get some ideas on how to go about this? Do I need a picture of my form? my original script? What do I need to send out so others can understand what I am working with. Please let me know what people need to see to understand my question and give me some help creating a working GUI interface for my script.

So if I interpret your question right, you’re asking how to get help. :slight_smile:

First, I had a hard time digesting your story; use paragraphs please.

Second, we are here to help you out on scripts, commands, etc. So try to split up your question in small parts. And post code. Show us the code you have problems with.