Logging Powershell Commands From Gui Actions

If I create a user in Active Directory using the Gui, Active Directory Admin Center will keep a log of the corresponding Powershell Commands in the “Powershell History” section at the bottom of the ADAC.

Is there some program or script out there that would log all of my actions in the OS Gui (regardless of what OS it is)? Im talking about random everyday usage in any of the OS’ that support PS.

As an example:
If I open task manager and I want to stop a process, the script or program will log something like this: Start Taskmgr.exe; Get-Process -PID 4304 | Stop-Process

Any help is much appreciated!

No, the GUI would have to be built to do that. Task Manager, for example, doesn’t use PowerShell under the hood, so there’d be nothing to log in the first place, but if the GUI doesn’t create the log, there’s nothing else that can do so.

Wow thanks for the quick response.

By the way, love your videos, I’ve learned more from your videos on PS than anyone else.