Local powershell gallery?


I’ve been searching for information on how to host your own powershellgallery.com like service.

I’m currently very confused when it comes to the whole powershellgallery.com vs psget vs packagemanagement vs nuget vs powershellget vs psgallery vs oneget. There are some many names mentioned and I find it hard to get good information.

My needs:

  • Host my own powershell modules
  • Maybe host/proxy other modules found at e.g. powershellgallery.com
  • Preferably unlicensed/free software (I see the need for Visual Studio mentioned a lot)

I’ve found this topic, https://powershell.org/forums/topic/powershell-gallery-alternatives/ , from April where @dlwyatt mentions:
GitHub - PowerShell/PSPrivateGallery: DSC Resources and Configurations to deploy and manage Private PowerShell Gallery
Setting up an Internal PowerShellGet Repository - PowerShell Team

The PSPrivateGallery repo seems kind of dead and the blog post is, as Dave mentions, old.

Are anyone able to shed some light? What’s the simplest way to get started with hosting your own modules?

The PowerShell team has been working on something to let you do exactly this.

However, some terms.

powershellgallery.com - this is a website that acts as a package repository; it’s a NuGet-style repo

psget - shorthand for powershellget

packagemanagement - the module containing PowerShell Package Manager

nuget - underlying packaging technology beneath Chocolatey; one type of repo supported by PowerShell Package Manager

powershellget - built on PowerShell Package Manager, provides PowerShell-specific functions (like Install-Module).

psgallery - shorthand for PowerShell Gallery

oneget - outdated, pre-release name for PowerShell Package Manager

And a short answer is…

a NuGet repo, which you can set up yourself, is compatible with PowerShell Package Manager. But that’s designed for generic packages - applications and so on. PowerShellGallery is a more focused thing, built on NuGet, but very shell-specific, so it includes more granular functionality like Find-Module and Install-Module. PowerShellGallery couldn’t be used to install, say, 7Zip. The team hasn’t (I don’t think; they just demo’d this in a Lightning Round at Summit) completed their “install your own PowerShellGallery” yet.

Where can I follow the teams development when it comes to the “install your own PowerShellGallery” bit?

Do you know if the best thing to do right now is to wait and see?

Wait and see is probably the best approach. I’d keep an eye on the team blog, the /powershell page on Microsoft.com, and their GitHub repo. Apart from that, I don’t know that there’s much of a way to keep track of progress, although I’ll mention that desire to the team!