learning additional automation techniques

I’ve read Adam’s article with great interest.


I’m fascinated with the below two commands:


$script:Wsus = [Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.AdminProxy]::getUpdateServer(MYWSUS, $false, 8530)

This is the sort level I would like to reach. How do you find out that you need to do the above and then know what syntax you need. I want to get good at automation and use and find my own to build solutions. How can I get good at this?

Thanks !

First off


shouldn’t be used. LoadWithPartialName method is deprecated and will be removed in the future. The correct way to load .NET types is to use Add-Type.

To answer your main question to increase your knowledge and skills requires a lot of work. I’d recommend finding some projects that need automating and working through those. You’ll more than likely need to research the answers - and that is where you increase your knowledge.
Coming up with an answer to our monthly Scripting Puzzle would be a good start. Attending one of the PowerShell conferences would enable you to meet other PowerShell experts and learn from them

Thanks Richard, appreciate a reply from a powershell genius. Did you happen to look at my sccm script? I can do things to a medium level, it’s pushing through that glass ceiling. I’ve got lots of books, including yours, and try and get through videos on pluralsight.