learn windows PS in a month of lunches third edition - question

In section 9, lab exercise question 3, I don’t think it retrieves the hotfix for remote computer but its own. My question is am I missing something , why does it not produce results if it is accepting input pipeline of property computername

<p align=“LEFT”>Get-ADComputer -filter * | Select-Object @{l=‘computername’;e={$_.name}} | Get-Hotfix</p>
<p align=“LEFT”>Answer says -</p>
This should work. The first part of the expression is writing a custom object to the pipeline that has a Computername property. This property can be bound to the Computername parameter in Get-Hotfix because it accepts pipeline binding by property name.


There is a bug in Get-Hotfix documentation. You are not the first person to ask about this. The second thread, the majestic and elusive DonJ himself answers the question: