Launch function in new Powershell window


Just wondering as to how I can get the following accomplished.

I have a $profile that consist of functions.
The functions are that of PSSessions to our messaging environments

What I would like is to be able to type in the pre-loaded function say for PSSession to Exchange and have it launch in a Powershell window so that I can have separate windows.

Currently I am having to open individual PS instances and running the function depending on what I want to establish connection to.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


That will be tricky.

You’ll need to have your script run PowerShell.exe to start a new process, and pass a command line switch to have the new process run whatever it is you want running in the new window.

PowerShell isn’t a multi-window application like Word; each window is a fresh standalone process.

Wow, Wasn’t expecting an answer from the Powershell Legend himself.

I will research further but I’m guessing the command line switch will be some sort of bat file to execute the commands? Possibly not in the form of a function but instead a .ps1 file.

Thanks Don!

here is a snippet that i use (i need this script to be called from a parent script to execute a process that needs to run as a seperate user instance)

#script must contain fqdn path to ps1 file
$script = ""
$commandLine = "-noexit & $script"
$credential = Get-Credential
Start-Process powershell.exe -Credential $credential -ArgumentList $commandline

Appreciate the feedback and guidance @David