Last Boot Up Time access with gMSA

Hi, we have decided recently to use Group Managed Service Accounts all scheduled tasks will run under on particular server having tcp/5985 outbound port opened on all servers in the forest. I want to retrieve Last Boot Up Time value from all servers monthly to check if they were rebooted inside defined Maintenance Windows - having set scheduled task up to execute PS code now I see that report is empty because gMSA being used is missing rights/permissions on target servers (it has been added to Remote Management Users local group as first step). What rights/permission should I delegate to gMSA on target servers - definitely I do not want gMSA to be local administrator on all of them. (Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem I used to retrieve last boot up time value) If this is not so difficult hopefully it is doable in bulk with GPO.

Thank you in advance.

Have you searched for this? There are a ton of blogs and articles on ‘WMI permissions powershell’. Keep in mind how you are connecting remotely as DCOM is the deprecated model vs WinRM (Get-CimInstance default). Here are some articles I see with quick searching: