Just Enough Administration


I’m testing this at the moment, with a lot of success, my first task is a piece of automation that runs under Task Scheduler which uses a non-elevated service account to retrieve disk stats from a group of servers. Using the virtual admin account, so all good so far.

My question is … what is the best way to distribute my JEA configuration in an enterprise? I put together a script that copies the PS module, with the capabilities files and the session configuration file, then registers the endpoint, because of the registration WinRM restarts so I end up with (sometimes) an error, as I am delivering this through psremoting.

Is pushing this with DSC a better solution? (I don’t have a pull server at the moment) Any advice mush appreciated.








Regardless of pull/push,using DSC with xJEA module won’t be a bad idea.

Thanks, I’m, going to have a look at that.