Is there any way to update a csv details in a field with data from other csv?

I have a situation where I’m using in a csv the following text in a field /mapModel/fleet/...[not(ext:isAnyFromCsv(response/hotfix_id,'KB5010358,KB5011491,KB5012653,KB5013963,KB5014710,KB5015832'))]].... and want to try to add results from other csv and populate after the last KB in the brackets (KB5015832) so basically to auto-update the list with a new KB no. (meaning to add a , after the last KB and add the KB… and close the brackets
Is it possible to do this in powershell?

Yes. It is.

… and to anticipate your next question - you can use the replacement operator -replace

… and you need at least basic knowledge about regular expressions in order to use that …

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