Is there any timeout settings for Powershell jobs


I m facing a strange issue during script execution. The script is totally fine and working as expected. I used to query 300+ servers using invoke command with asjob parameter. I have noticed that particular one server job status showing completed but hasmoredata property has false value. By receiving the job I m not getting any exception also no output.

I have figured out the issue by adding another logic, but my query is, do you aware about any timeout settings for Powershell job? The jobs are receiving after approx 5+ minutes from schedule time. I am receiving those job within same session. Any lead will be helpful. Also I have tried with a single cmdlet (gwmi win32_bios) also using same ICM method. The issue and victim server was same.

I have engaged Microsoft as well. But still they are finding the root cause. It seems like timeout, but I m not aware of such thing. Didn’t find anything on help docs as well.

Please let me know if you faced the issue and solution. The victim server having WIN2K8 R2 Standard installed.



There are timeouts all over the place:

If there is only a single server and you are doing WMI queries and they are acting oddly, have you attempted to repair or rebuild WMI:

You will have to check the winrm configuration in the victim server as well when using ICM as it uses winrm.

winrm get winrm/config and compare the results with working server