Is there a way to disable IEEE 802.1x authenication using powershell


We are in the phase of disabling this feature on windows servers and would like to know if there is any way to disable this option from Powershell or netsh. Not looking for GUI options at all :wink:

Attached Image for the setting.

Thank you for your time…


I’m not sure where that setting is stored - if it’s in the registry or elsewhere. You also don’t indicate what versions of Windows you’re dealing with, which makes a difference, since newer versions come with a much larger set of PowerShell commands to work with.


Its 2k8 r2 and 2k12.

I’ve tried the get-netadapter and get-netadapteradvancedproperty and other get-NetAdapter* commands. But was not sure where to find it,

How ever the same would be shown if i use ‘netsh lan show profiles’ but don’t have the option to edit it that way.

However, i’ve figured that the Wired AutoConfig service ‘dot3svc’ is responsible for this authentication and i’ve stopped it and disabled it as these settings are not managed by the GPO.

powershell -command "Stop-Service dot3svc"
powershell -command "Set-Service -Name dot3svc -StartupType Disabled"

off topic: your book on “powershell: In depth” is just amazing. Thanks for your efforts in putting it together.

Thank you.