Is it possible to use both Pull and Push configurations?

Hi all,

Im looking into rolling out DSC for our entire infrastructure and I was wondering if its possible to set up some sort of Push / Pull configuration setup;

What I was hoping for was the pull server would serve up any resources required by the configurations and monitor any changes using a compliance server and notify our infrastructure team of any changes that need to be pushed out to those machines, those changes can be pushed out manually by the team using DSC, giving us more control over our infrastructure.

Is this possible at all? or do I need to choose one configuration mode and stick with it?


Hi Connor,

You can only have one active setting at a time.

PowerShell v5.0 will allow you to use what is referred to as Partial Configurations, in which you can use multiple different pull servers which could therefore allow better delegation allowing for example separate departments to manage specific configuration settings.

With PowerShell v5.0 at present, you’re also not able to have different ConfigurationMode settings also, so you can’t use a mixture of ApplyOnly, ApplyAndMonitor, and ApplyAndAutocorrect. I’ve a sneaky suspicion though that Microsoft are actively looking into this for a future release. :wink:

I’d imagine you’re running on PowerShell v4.0 at the moment in any case, so these are really mute points I’m afraid.

Hi Tim,

Such a shame that they dont support this! It looks like im going to have to base everything around the push configuration style and write a service that monitors the state of nodes across the infrastructure to generate some alerts.

Thanks for the quick reply!

V5 allows you to push the config and have it pull resources.