Invoke-command and get-childitem issue


Scenario 1) I am using Get-childitem command to get the files and folders from the specified path.

Get-ChildItem -path “C:\Users” -recurse -force

Above command is providing a satisfactory result. But, I am getting error in Scenario 2.

Scenario 2) I am using the above command with Invoke-Command and getting an undesired output.

Invoke-Command -computername “Mycomputer” -scriptblock{Get-ChildItem -path “C:\Users” -recurse -force}


My findings till now

When only using scenario 1, By default, the Get-ChildItem cmdlet displays symbolic links to directories found during recursion, but does not recurse into them.

When I am using the scenario 2, It is not following the Get-ChildItem this behavior and it is doing the recursion.


What does that mean? Do you try to run this command remotely to another computer?