Installing Module

Im trying to use Write-S3Object on a Windows server but it errors out that it isn’t found.
The machine has AWS.Tools installed on it and I believe I need to install AWSPowerShell.NetCore

Is it OK to install AWSPowerShell.NetCore alongside AWS.Tools?
Do they get installed side by side or does AWSPowerShell.NetCore overwrite AWS.Tools?


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By default ALL modules will be installed in their separate folder. You can even install the same module in different versions if you really want. You just have to be careful when two modules use cmdlets with the same name.

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When you crosspost the same question at the same time to different forums you should at least post links to the other forums along with your question to avoid people willing to help you potentially wasting their time.


Is this forum linked somehow to stack overflow?

No. That’s why you should let us know that you posted the same question there as well. This way we do not recommend something you already know. :wink:

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