Install the printer driver list

Does anyone know how pull the list of drivers in the driver store or maybe it’s call the driver repository in powershell or c#? This is the list I’m looking for:


The driver does not show up in printmanagement.exe as the drivers are not installed, but the driver package still exist.

I’ve looked through all the driver related WMI classes and entries with some of the driver names in the registry. I did not come up with any results. Pnputil.exe does list the drivers I’m looking for, but no names are attached to them. When you look through the inf files, some of them don’t have any names in them for me to identify the correct drivers.

This data is in the registry so

# Access data in the registry

Hint: Search the registry for one of the printer names and you’ll find the data

All printers have been removed, but the driver package was never removed. It was just deleted/uninstalled. The files still exist and do not have any references in the registry.

What’s your actual issue? Do you need the drivers? If yes - how about re-installing them?

Regardless of that - Sinse this is a PowerShell forum … do you have any PowerShell related question?

You are right. I guess not.