install modules for all usersz

within my organisation we work with 4 different ADservers depending on which location of the globe we are located.
I’m busy in creating offboarding scripts and as such I want to make sure that all the users have access to the same modules and by preference me installing these first so that they are available to everyone.
We need to RDP in to each server.

when I use install-module -name azureAD -scope allusers I noticed that this in not reflected to other users.
is there a way to get this done so that I do the installation of AzureAD so that every admin is able to use my script without having to go through the installation process by themselves?

You should not do this.

You’re talking about the computers the user are logged on, right? If the answer is yes you will have to start trouble shooting what’s going on because that’s the way you install a module for all users of a computer.


Hi Olaf

I’m open for suggestions

Use Powershell remoting.