Inserting xml nodes

by Ritmo2k at 2013-04-22 08:36:23

I have some xml I parse out and need to insert a default node into if it does not already exist:

[XML]$xml = Get-Content ‘C:\path\file.xml’

$def_node = Select-Xml -Xml $xml -XPath “/root/def_node”
$def_node_xml = $def_node.get_Node()

Foreach ($element in (Select-Xml -Xml $xml -XPath $query))
$foo_xml = $element.get_Node()
# Insert $def_node_xml into an element named ‘test_node’.

I am not clear on how to go about this, I assumed I had to CreateElement on $foo_xml then AppendChild($def_node_xml) on it but that doesnt work.
Any ideas?

by Ritmo2k at 2013-04-22 17:53:10
Solved this, you can still manipulate the System.Xml.XmlNode object ($xml ) while in the foreach loop where $query_new
is a derived query applicable to the current $element you are iterating over.