Inproper encoding?

Paste this into Powershell Prompt (or ISE) and Char returns “å”. Save this as a .ps1 file and executing it and it returns “A¥”.

$Char = "å"

I’ve tried swathing the encoding but nothing I have tried has worked so far. It doesn’t make sense why PowerShell.exe handles this any differently then a script does.

Any ideas???

There are two possibilities that I can think of, off the top of my head. The encoding of your file might not support that character properly, or, if you’re using PowerShell.exe, the console encoding might also be a problem. (Do you get the same results if you run the script from the ISE? It has full unicode support for the console pane.)

I’m running the script in the same window I’m manually inputting the $Char = “å”.

Do you have the same problem if you put the two lines into a script vs pasting it into PowerShell.exe?