indexOf replace in file

I have a list of SQL Servers in a .csv file. Some of the SQL Servers are named instances and look like this. I need to strip the slash and everything after it. This snippet does that but I am not sure how to put it in a script:

$pos = “MySQLServer001\NamedInstance”.IndexOf("")


The result is MySQLServer001

Not sure where to go from here:

$startingFile = “c:\temp\myServers.csv”

$endingFile = “c:\temp\myServers_NoSlashes.csv”


There’d be an easier way I think:

‘MySQLServer001\NamedInstance’ -replace ‘\.*’

You should carefully read the help for Import-Csv and Export-Csv and Foreach-Object or Select-Object (calculated properties). You should read the complete help including the examples.