Index file types: file properties & file contents

#1 Can PowerShell retrieve a list of indexed file types and the setting for each (see last)?
#2 Can PowerShell change the settings of selected file types via a csv file?

I can retrieve a list of services, but I have not yet found index in the get-help
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks, Tracey
ref: Control Panel> Indexing options> advanced> file types: properties or properties & file contents

I googled for you for

and this was one of the first hits:

It seems like you need to change the setting via registry.

May I ask why you need this done by PowerShell? :thinking: In enterprise environments I’d expect to set this stuff by GPOs. :man_shrugging:t3:

I will check this out asap to see if this will work.
Thanks, Tracey

I read the article, plus others and it does NOT appear that PowerShell can list the registered file types and the property/contents setting.
Thank anyway, Tracey
When I install/update an Office Suite (or audio/video application), a couple dozen file types get added to the indexer with the file contents indexed (which I do NOT want).
I would like to get a list in a csv file and change the indexing of those file types to properties only (instead of manually going in and changing them all by hand).

Olaf had a great proposal, does this mean you dont have GPO available ? Seems like this may be relevant to your person system only?

If I understood it correctly you’re right - not in an easy/straight forward way. :man_shrugging:t3:

You’ve got applications able to index the content of audio and video files? … really? I’m curious: what applications can do something like this?

In my experience only text based file types are indexed with an according filter.

What’s actually the issue you’re trying to solve? The indexing service runs in the background and only runs when there are no other processes needing CPU power. :man_shrugging:t3:
If your hardware is so weak that the indexing service slows down your computer you may disable indexing in general.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want in an easy way. If you really need this functionality you may parse the according registry keys and alter the needed settings this way.

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