In search for someone to update my pester test script

Hello guys, I suspect it’s not appropriate to ask for such kind of help but I will do it anyway because I’m not asking you to write code for me since I already have the code…

I have pester tests script which spans some 600 lines, problem is that this script was written for pester 3, I’ve updated some of the code for pester 4, but I want to make it work for most recent pester 5.

My major issue is that I know almost nothing about pester nor do I have enough time to learn pester because it’s not something you learn over night.

The test script doesn’t require a lot of work because test cases them self are fine and should stay as they are, the only thing that needs to be modified is outdated keywords and code constructs specific to make it work for pester 5.

Now if you’re willing to help with that I will either share my code here or I can give you a link to my repo for you to clone it and update the script.

I would be very grateful if you’re willing to help.

You may try it there:

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