IIS Reporting script

by willsteele at 2012-09-03 11:13:39

I am working on an internal script that does basic reporting on a given IIS installation. What sort of basic reporting features would you like to see in a PowerShell utility?
by DonJ at 2012-09-04 15:17:04
List of Web/FTP sites. Core config info for each - bindings, mainly, whether SSL is enabled/required. Info on the app pool a site is assigned to, including basic perf information - pool identity, worker threads, etc.
by willsteele at 2012-09-04 16:43:19
Got it. Let me start working on it. Thanks Don.
by JasonHelmick at 2012-09-04 16:53:28
Hey Will? Not to pile on but if you detect an https binding, get the expiration of the certificate is always popular. I do that one a lot. Of course, the new IIS 8 certificate store makes it easier but a report that works on 7/8 that adds that would be cool!
Then there are the basic you probably already have on your list, individual site configuration information from get-webConfiguration like all those IIS category settings. Anyway, love to help if you need it. Looking forward to your results!

by willsteele at 2012-09-04 16:57:41
Good point Jason. I find, sadly, there aren’t as many good reporting scripts/utilities for IIS as there seem like there could be. With as easy as IIS management is since 7.5/PS 2.0 it confounds me a little bit. Hopefully we can remedy this a bit. I’ll throw what I come up with out her ein a bit.
by JasonHelmick at 2012-09-04 17:17:40
Agreed! There has been no good support for this…not great scripts, not great reporting. Will, let’s fix that! I’m working on a new module of cmdlets…but I think using the existing WebAdministration, WMI and Provider is the best course of action for scripts. Really excited by the project!