Identify Internet connected NIC

Does anyone know of a 2012 NIC property that is the equivalent of GUI ncpa.cpl Network Connections “Internet Access”? I’m trying to use that property in a PowerShell script to identify the NIC that I want to make changes to.


When you look at Network Neighborhood (ncpa.cpl) (yes I still call it that) and change the view to detailed view there’s a column that displays “Connectivity” and the NIC I call public has Internet access. Thanks in advance!


Check the Get-NetConnectionProfile cmdlet in the NetConnection module. It will show data like this:

Name : NetworkName
InterfaceAlias : AdapterName
InterfaceIndex : 12
NetworkCategory : Private
IPv4Connectivity : Internet
IPv6Connectivity : LocalNetwork

Please let me know if you need any more help with this

This is perfect!

Thank you very much Richard!!!

Here’s the final script:

$PublicInterface = Get-NetConnectionProfile -IPv4Connectivity Internet | Select-Object -ExpandProperty InterfaceAlias

Rename-NetAdapter -Name $PublicInterface -NewName “Public”