icm New-Item Not Creating Subfolder

Likely a simple fix; for some reason the first icm works fine, but the second one does not do anything. It’s as though Test-Path is not including the subdirectory specified in $c, though it does contain a string value.

In a nutshell:

  1. Loop through list of remote computers in text file.
  2. Check if given remote computer is online.
  3. If remote computer online, icm on remote computer to create C:\folder if it does not already exist (this works).
  4. icm on backup server (hardcoded name) to create subfolder X:\backups\folder<strong>ComputerName if does not already exist (this does not work).
  5. Else, return message.
foreach ($c in $Computers) {
		if ((Test-Connection -ComputerName "$c" -Quiet -Count 1))
			Invoke-Command -ComputerName $c -Command {
				if (-not (Test-Path C:\folder))
# This works on remote server ($c).
					New-Item -Path C:\folder -ItemType Directory
# This does not work on backup server. Permissions are correct. $c is assigned as the subfolder name.
			Invoke-Command -ComputerName "BACKUPSERVER" -Command {
				if (-not (Test-Path ("X:\Backups\folder\$c")))
					New-Item -Path "X:\Backups\folder" -Name "$c" -ItemType Directory -Force
            Write-Warning "Unable to establish connection with system $c ($Date)"
            Write-Output ''

Would appreciate some insight to this.

Variable $c has no meaning on the remote machine. You’ve defined it locally. Either use $using:c, or look into the -ArgumentList parameter of Invoke-Command.

See https://devopscollective.gitbooks.io/the-big-book-of-powershell-gotchas/content/manuscript/remote-variables.html

Thanks Don!

I knew better and somehow kept overlooking it. Helps to take a break sometimes.