HP warranty check full script.

I got some help previously from a few people on here and thought I would post the finished script. I apologise if this is not allowed just wanted to share it with people as I find it quite useful. The script will return if the warranty is still valid and how long for. If the warranty expires within 180 days the script provides the End date of the warranty, also the product code and serial number of the device. It has been tested on pshell 2 and 3. I do not have a version 4 machine setup yet. Is there a script library where people here can share scripts? If so I can move it there.

You’re fine posting it here as an attachment, but we usually send folks to the TechNet Script Gallery as a repository.

Did you ever post the script?

Yeah I would also like to know if you posted the script to be found. I check the Technet Script Gallery but no dice :slight_smile: