How to use merge-token script and what is the use of this script

Please review below script and let me know, the use of the script
Also please let me know, how to execute this script

sabarish jeyakumar,
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How about contacting the owner of the script if you have questions about?

… or visit Github of the original author:

*Craig Buchanan Please let me know your inputs

I’m afraid you misunderstood something. forum, PowerShellGallery and GitHub are completely independent services. I doubt that Craig Buchanan will read messages from this forum. You should try to use the contact information available on the other sites.

@sabarish_jeyakumar , just to expand here.
how did you end up in this script from the gallery and for what were you searching for ?
If you could explain what problem you are trying to solve, it would help folks here to help/guide you.