How to select multiple file paths, PS equiv of linux {}

I want to select some image files out of a directory. If I were on Linux I would type this:
ls /docs/{.tif,.tiff,.jpg,.jpeg}
How do I do this in PowerShell? I first tried Get-Item -Path C:\docs*.tif,.tiff,.jpg,*.jpeg but it didn’t work.
The best I can come up with is this, but it seems sloppy to me.
get-item -Path C:\docs*.tif,C:\docs*.jpg,C:\docs*.tiff,C:\docs*.jpeg
Is there a better way to accomplish this?

You can pass multiple extensions to the -Include parameter, instead of putting the wildcards in to the Path parameter:

Get-ChildItem -Path C:\docs\* -Include '*.tif', '*.tiff', '*.jpg', '*.jpeg'

That trailing * on the Path does seem to be necessary; I didn’t get any results until I added it. Not sure why.

Dave, thanks for the suggestion. I like that syntax better.
I did notice it took 9.5s to complete on my system whereas using Get-Item took 6.5s

This will probably beat both of them for performance, if that’s a factor in your choice. You need at least PowerShell 3.0 (.NET Framework 4.0) for the EnumerateFiles() method, though. In PowerShell 2.0 you’d be limited to using GetFiles(), which isn’t as fast and takes up more memory.

The tradeoff is that the code isn’t as concise, though you could stick it into a function.

$extensions = @{
    '.tif' = $true
    '.tiff' = $true
    '.jpg' = $true
    '.jpeg' = $true

$folder = Get-Item C:\docs

foreach ($file in $folder.EnumerateFiles())
    if ($extensions.ContainsKey($file.Extension))

Whoo! .3 seconds!

Thanks :slight_smile: