How to replace angle brackets?

Hi all,

I have some data like this in a XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

I am trying to remove this completely and save the xml file but its not removing the angle brackets.

My expression is like this:
(Get-Content test.xml) -replace ‘<?xml version=?"1.0"? standalone=?"yes"?>’, ‘’ | Set-Content -encoding UTF8 test.xml

Can anyone guide me how to remove “< >” brackets?

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Firstly, when posting code in the forum, please can you use the preformatted text </> button. It really helps us with readability, and copying and pasting your code (we don’t have to faff about replacing curly quote marks to get things working).

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The code in your post doesn’t remove anything for me. Try escaping the ?

(Get-Content test.xml) -replace '<\?xml version=\?"1.0"\? standalone=\?"yes"\?>', '' | 
    Set-Content -encoding UTF8 test.xml
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