How to pass variables to rss file from powershell script using rs.exe

I have the below powershell script which being called from my jenkinsfile :

$Env = $args[0]
$Target = $args[1]
$ReportsPath = "Reports\Report Services\bin\Release\"

echo "********  Start SSRS Deploy  ********"

$StartProcessProps = @{
    FilePath               = 'rs.exe'
    ArgumentList          = '-i "pipeline\ssrs\Upload_Multiple_RDL_files.rss" -s {0} -v a={1} -v b={2}' -f $Env, $Target, $ReportsPath
    Wait                   = $true
    PassThru               = $true
$rsDeploy = Start-Process @StartProcessProps

and this is my Upload_Multiple_RDL_files.rss :

Public Sub Main()

' Variable Declaration
        Dim TextLine As String = ""
        Dim LocalDir As String = ""
        Dim ServerDir As String = ""
        Dim definition As [Byte]() = Nothing
        'Dim warnings As Warning() = Nothing

' Assigning the values to variables
                LocalDir = b
                ServerDir = a

what is the correct syntax to sent these variables: -v a={1} -v b={2} and assign them in the rss file to LocalDir and ServerDir ? Currently I’m getting this exception:

An error occurred
Unrecognized argument Services\bin\Release\

Is this a PowerShell question? … or more a Jenkins question? … or a question about “rs.exe”?

you are right… it’s not really relevant to PS. This question can be deleted