How to pass on Cluster Validation Test results?

Hi all, so I am not 100% sure that this is really a PowerShell question as such, but it’s a problem I’m trying to find a way to solve with PowerShell, so here I am :wink:

In windows clustering you can run a “Cluster Validation Report” either from the Cluster Administration Console or from PowerShell using Test-Cluster.

However, the output is an .htm file, which isn’t really super helpful compared to getting a list of True/False values like you would expect from a “proper” PowerShell cmdlet :wink:

So, my question is whether anyone knows of a way to pass the results from Test-Cluster on, so I can build something that can fix the settings that failed?
Or do I really only have a choice between inventing the wheel by creating a bunch of tests myself, or manually reading a report?

I have been googling fairly hard, but haven’t been able to find any tooling around this already.
(I did suggest fixing our build pipeline so we could have a success-rate higher than 15% on new clusters, but apparently that’s not popular ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

ps. currently I’m looking at whether I can parse the htm file that is output, but meh -__-

I don’t have any clusters on which to test but you could try parsing the html in the output file per this script in the technet gallery

If you are still stuck you could post a suitably sanitised HTML file somewhere and I will take a look.