How to parse this xml?

Hello all, i’m very new to powershell, and i’m abit stuck.

I have this innerXML:


And i want to convert it into a .properties file in this format:


i have the part to create the .properties file (hardcoded value right now) which works:

$test = New-Item -Name "" -ItemType "file" -Value "test.prop=testprop`ntest2.prop=test2prop"

So basically i need to go from the innerXML to a big string of key/values separated by `n But also i need to escape any $ with `

desired string: sl-test.protocol=HTTP`nsl-test.responseTimeout=14000`ntest`${myenv}`nhttp.port=8081

But right now i cant even seem to iterate through all the keys and values.

Note: the keys and values will be dynamic, it will not always be those 4

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance

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