How to open Network Connections 'Status' window via command line

Looking for a way to open the Network Connections ‘Status’ window (Windows 10) from a command line. The ‘Network Connections’ window can be opened using ms-settings, however, I need to go one step further in opening the ‘Status’ dialog (dialog that is displayed if right clicking on a a network/vpn connection).

I have attached a screen shot of the dialog.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Here is an forum thread talking about it:

windows 7 - how to open tcp/ip properties from cmd or run directly? - Super User

My question is why do you want to open a GUI? If you are in Powershell, you can get and display any of the information in that dialog.

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Appreciate the reply.

The link provided addresses something different than what I’m looking for. I’m not looking to change any settings, only view the status of a VPN connection.

Reason why I want the GUI is for the sake of end users I service. GUI’s for end users are less confusing than a CLI output.

Likely not what your looking for … but maybe worth a look:

Start-Process ms-settings:network-status

Yes, new about that (already made a shortcut for it), however, I was looking for the ‘status’ dialog shown in the screenshot.

Appreciate your reply.