How to move a window from primary window to secondary.

Hello i want to move a OpenOffice spreadsheet from the primary screen to the secondary because i run a fullscreen game on my primary screen.

Are you looking to do that with PowerShell? If you are having a problem with a script, please post some code and details of any errors so that we can help diagnose the problem.

Personally, I just use the Windows key and cursor keys to shift windows around.

If you want to snap windows to a location, there’s a PowerToy for that:

Windows PowerToys: FancyZones


Hello, i use Playnite for my games, its a very usefull tool where a lot of functions can be automated (open spreadsheet, use short pause, start stop applications, run the game ofcourse and when the game ends all these functions can be returned to their previous stage. If i would have a few games your methode would be sufficient but my system consists of many game so i like to configure them automated (1-Click).

These WindowsPowerToys looks promising but i choke gradually in all these tools, all these Hooks complicate the gameplay (i use in the windows area tools like Actual Windows Manager and NextStart) but i stop them when i start playing because they make problems.

Thats why i like to use Powershell, but very thanks anyway.



No i would like to use a Powershell script. Thank you.