How to make one variable , run it on loop with incremental operator in power shell script

this script is to work on partiton and format the drive , using the below script
Get-Disk |
Where partitionstyle -eq ‘raw’
Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle GPT -PassThru |
New-Partition -UseMaximumSize |
Format-Volume -FileSystem NTFS -AllocationUnitSize 65536 -NewFileSystemLabel “G1500_Mount01” -Confirm:$false

I need to get the filesystem labels as “G1500_Moun01”, “G1500_Mount02” …

You can format strings like so. This includes a leading zero.

for ($index = 1; $index -le 2; $index++) {
    $index_string = '{0:d2}' -f $index
    $label = "G1500_Mount$index_string"
    Write-Output $label

Sample output

You could have the loop run off the number of raw disks.

Thanks for your prompt repy, however I am new to powershell scripting an not sure how to use it.

attaching them images, please do the needful.

this is the output

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Thanks in advance

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My code example only shows how you would increment the value appended to a string, in this case what you would use for the label. You would need to use a loop to repeat all the steps minus the first line to format each volume.