How to get Windows Update Setting from remote server?

Hi All,

We have a command called SCONFIG to check and set Windows Update Settings on local computer. Ofcourse we an also check and change other things.

Do we have any power shell command to get “Windows Update Settings” from remote computer or Local computer? if there is any indirectway to get same info, that will also work.

Anil Kumar Singh
Chennai, India

You could try PSWindowsUpdate module. It has a bunch of cmdlet to manage windows update. I think Set-WUSettings is the one you need.


Thanks for reply. I installed and explore most of cmdlets, not getting required information.

When use the command on my Windows 10 laptop, here is what I am getting.

ComputerName : XXXXXXX
DisableDualScan : 1
WUServer : http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
WUStatusServer : http://xxxxxxxxxxxx
DeferFeatureUpdates : 1
BranchReadinessLevel : 32
DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays : 365
PauseFeatureUpdatesStartTime :
UpdateServiceUrlAlternate :
UseWUServer : 1
NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers : 1
RescheduleWaitTime : 5
NoAutoUpdate : 1

But When I an running the same command on my Jump Server, I am getting only this:

PS C:> Get-WUSettings | select -Property *

ComputerName AUOptions

XXXXXXXX - Scheduled installation