How to find and delete folders that contains specific string and more?


I have a folder called c:\application, and a banch of other folders on C: called “application-copy”,“applicationbkp”,"_application" and so on…
C: folder contains offcourse some folder that don’t related to “application”.

I would like to delete all folders with the string “application” in its foldername without deleting the actual “c:\application”

Thank you

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Hi, change my test directory and check this with -whatif.
If it is ok for you, remove -whatif.

$Dirs = get-childitem 'b:\PS_test\*' | where-object {($ -like "*applications*") -and ($ -ne 'applications')} 
Remove-Item $Dirs -force -whatif 

I done it with:
$toDelete gci -Path C:\ | Where-Object {$.Name -like “application” -and $.Name.Length -gt 11 }

Your way looks more clear
Thank you.

Get-ChildItem -Path c:\ |
    Where-Object -Property Name -NotMatch -Value '^application$'

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