How to execute a PowerShell script using NSIS

Hi all how to can I use NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) to execute the power shell script. I have gone through the following link but I couldn’t get it so can some one help me on this

This is how I have written, my nsi file goes as follows

!include "x64.nsh"

Name "nsExec Test"
OutFile "nsExecTest.exe"
#ShowInstDetails show

Section "Output to variable"
    nsExec::ExecToStack 'powershell.exe "& "Import-Module C:\PowerShell\Hello.psm1"'
    Pop $0
    Pop $1
    DetailPrint '"ImportModules" printed: $1'

My PowerShell script goes as follows

# Filename: Hello.psm1
Write-Host 'Hello World!'
Write-Host "Good-bye World! `n"
# end of script

But can some one help me how can I do the same with the one having parameters