How to click on a website download button using Powershell-ElementID changes

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This may be a bit of an advanced topic/question but I am trying to figure out how to click on a download button on a website but the issue is the elementID changes based on the file name each time. I also need to figure out how to do this for more than 1 file and then lastly how to save as to my download folder when that question pops up. I have made great progress getting to the download button. I hope to insert 3 images here to show the issue-source code and the webpage with the blue download button, the save as image, and my powershell commands so far to get there. Thank you for any pointers/ideas/assistance as I am still learning how to do website commands in powershell.Download button infoMore info for saving fileMy code so far

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    (div id='div1')Blah(/div)
    (div id='div2')
        (div id='buttons')
            (button type="button")Download(/button)


The best you can do is try to narrow the objects down. For instance, you could GetElementById(‘div2’), then GetElementByTagName(‘button’) and then foreach $_.Click()