How to Calculate the Height and Width of Forms in Powerhsell?

Can someone help in understanding how to calculate the Height and Width of a Form. For Example I Created a blank Powershell form of Height 500 and Width 700 and now If want to place a Text box a little below from the top of the form what will be the height and width that I need to enter? and If I want to place a Button at middle of the Form? what will be the height and width that I need to enter? I am struggling with this calculation.

How about sharing your code you have so far? :wink:

This may help as well:
How to Build a PowerShell GUI for your Scripts

or this:

Here is my code

$mainform = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form
$mainform.Text = “Main Configuration Page”
$mainform.Size=New-Object System.Drawing.Size(500,700)

$subformbutton=New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button
$subformbutton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(X,Y)
$subformbutton.Size=New-Object System.Drawing.Size(X,Y)
$subformbutton.Text=“Sub Form”

I am trying to understand how to fill the X and Y Value for height and width

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Thanks in advance

How about trial and error? :wink: I did it just now and I’d recommend for you to start with:

$subformbutton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(350,600)
$subformbutton.Size=New-Object System.Drawing.Size(100,30)

Sure, Can you please tell me how did you come up with the value of 350, 600 is there a way to calculate this numbers that’s my question.

I started with 100,200 … looked at the result … changed it to 100,300 … looked at the result … and so on and on … trial and error. :man_shrugging:t4:

Did you take a look at the links I posted?

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Yes, I have gone through the links. Thank you so much your help :smile: