How do you use Git for production scripts?

I have to write some scripts which will run as scheduled tasks and exist for a long time. The company has an internal Git server. I’ve never used Git before in a team environment. I’m not sure whether to have:

  • one big repo for all such scripts;
  • one repo per collection of scripts (e.g. one for AD scripts, etc.)
  • one repo per script;

I would appreciate some insights ideally borne of experience.

I normally have one big repo for PowerShell and then folders for each collection like AD, exchange, Scheduled tasks, etc. I started off doing other repos for specific tasks but then found it easier to just have everything in the same place. I do have a separate repo for modules though because I was experimenting with pipelines to publish them to an internal repo and I wanted to keep that separate. I suppose it wouldn’t be a be idea to have a separate repo just for scheduled tasks.

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