How do you effectivly debug/develop DSC resources


I’m just starting with DSC and having hard time understanding how to properly debug/develop custom resources or in general how to test/apply DSC.
Any online guide available?

For the testing component, I have found snapshots/ checkpoints invaluable! To stably and countiuely test my custom resources.

I recently came across an excellent looking blog post Easy Debugging of PowerShell DSC for Azure Virtual Machines. This might be useful, at least for Azure VMs.

Thanks that takes care of testing but how do I effectively develop? For example if I have script resource and I’d like to debug code running inside that script resource how do I properly do that?

Ah, I’m unable to answer to that, sorry. I believe I’m going through the same phases as you are and try catch up experience as I go primarily learning Azure ARM deployments currently. Pointers and tips are welcome.

P.S. For testing end-to-end scenarios, I came across Pester. It’s not what you’re looking for, but related.

Go to github, look for xDSCResource, you’ll see two helper repos that help design and write. I’m just now looking to use them to write one for my own usage, thought I might help you as well.