How do I get list of all vnet2 peering in an organization

I am trying to get list of all vnet2 peering in one tenant ,that is having many subscriptions.

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What have you tried so far? Please share your code and what is not working as expected or what error messages do you get.

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I am playing with this below i got online,but this doesnt specifically give me vnet2 .If you can give some more hint how I can approach that will help me.

Thanks you!!!

Get-AzSubscription | Foreach-Object {
$sub = Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId $_.SubscriptionId
$vnets = Get-AzVirtualNetwork

foreach ($vnet in $vnets) {
Subscription = $sub.Subscription.Name
Name = $vnet.Name
Vnet = $vnet.AddressSpace.AddressPrefixes -join ', ’
Subnets = $vnet.Subnets.AddressPrefix -join ', ’
} | Export-Csv -Delimiter “;” -Path “VnetList.csv”

Where did you get this code? Why don’t you ask where you got it to help you modifying it? :wink:

I don’t have access to Azure right now and I don’t know what vnet2 is. Is it a name you use for your virtual networks or is an official name used by MSFT for a resource in Azure?

What’s the output like when you run …



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