How do I filter my posts only?

It’s been a month+ since I actively used the Q&A.

This forum has been extremely helpful in my Powershell maturity and self-learning.

The new Q&A interface is neat and great, but somehow I can no longer do a filter that displays only my posts. This feature used to be available on the old system.

Would be grateful for a quick tip/advice.

Thanks in advance.

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The specialized views are coming back; I still need to sort out some quirks in them.

K. The main /forums page has a sidebar with links to all the special filter views; you can bookmark the ones you like. After folks have some time with it, I’ll trim the list down to the ones people are using.

Thank you Mr Jones, much appreciated.

I have used the filters in a manner that really speeds up my learning: to me, each “discovery” in Powershell to me is a combination of reading about some (technique/operating principle + coding/testing + a post to the PS Q&A that is replied to which leads to a “eureka” moment). As I review my posts and the various informative and educational replies, I am able to advance my learning curve. It is a valuable feature and I hope it is restored when ready for public consumption.

Thank you again for your generous efforts!

If I go to my user profile page, these links come up with no results:

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I clicked on Forums, then My user profile page.