How Do I CONTINUE TO the NEXT LINE in a script?

Is there a way to continue a “long line” of commands (with as many as 3 or 4 pipes) onto the next line in a script?
Is it considered “bad practice” to have a chain this long, or is it better to “do one step at a time”?
In any case, I’d appreciate if this magic character or escape sequence or symbol, can be made known.
Somehow, after a few minutes of searching and digging with keywords like “continue to next line in a script” (and variations of it), I can’t find a clue.
Also, is there a SEARCH function in the Powershell Q&A Forum?
Much thanks.

I refer you to big-book-of-powershell-gotchas/ at master · devops-collective-inc/big-book-of-powershell-gotchas · GitHub

Very nice, Very NEAT!!!
Mr Jones, I am extremely grateful for your website’s Q&A Forum.
I have learned tremendously in a few weeks time, mostly from examples in your book.
Your unique approach, which is to point the learner in the right direction, increases learning beyond getting just the answer, like math problems/exercises in a textbook: getting into the solution(s) process is more critical than getting the answer.
But the most valuable source of knowledge and know-how to me is this Q&A Forum.
More power to you and your team for their excellent work and willingness to share your knowledge.