Help with Powershell with assign metadata value in column

I’ve created a PowerShell script to create some columns with managed metadata in a Sharepoint Site, this script doesn’t have any problem and the execution is correct but when I go to the Sharepoint Site / Library Settings / Columns, I can’t see default value in the columns, can you help me?

Many thanks.

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Hello Olaf
Many thanks for your suggestion, I’ve copy my code and I hope you can help me:
#Add a Managed Metadata column from “Country” term set in “EDUCO|Country” Group
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “DocType” -InternalName “DocType” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Document Type” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Language” -InternalName “Language” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Language” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Year” -InternalName “Year” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Year” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Functional Area” -InternalName “Functional Area” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Functional unit” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Process” -InternalName “Process” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Process and other” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Project” -InternalName “Project” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Projects” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “Country” -InternalName “Country” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Country” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView
Add-PnPTaxonomyField -DisplayName “DocVisibility” -InternalName “DocVisibility” -TermSetPath “EDUCO|Doc Visibility” -List $ListName -Required -AddToDefaultView

#Default value to column
#Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "Functional Area" -Value "EDUCO|Functional unit|General Management"
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "Functional Area" -Value $URL.Functional
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "Country" -Value $URL.Country
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "Process" -Value $URL.Process
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "Project" -Value $URL.Project
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List $ListName -Field "DocVisibility" -Value "EDUCO|Doc Visibility|Public"