Help to create script from these command below

Hi everyone , i need to create a powershell script from these command below in order to secure dell laptop bios with password on windows startup .

#Enable  powershell script

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

#Installer le module Dell Powershell dans powershell

Install-Module -Name DellBIOSProvider -RequiredVersion 2.6.0

#Import Dell bios powshell module

Import-Module DellBIOSProvider

#set bios Admin & System password

    Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\AdminPassword "SaycurIt2023"
    Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\SystemPassword "SaycurIt2023" -Password "SaycurItBios"

#Enable bios strong passworrd on computer startup

Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\StrongPassword "Enabled" -Password "SaycurItBios"

#Enable bios password on computer startup 

#Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\PasswordBypass "Disabled" -Password "AdminPwd"

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